Plate Heat Exchanger

The selection of the heat exchanger depends on the products characteristics such as velocity, temperature, viscosity and particle size. The heat transfer is carried out on PHE by indirect method and in some applications direct. The PHE consist of stack of plates made from AISI SS 316 L / 304 L, or titanium where separate sections are divided for preheating, final heating, cooling and regeneration action. The plate is designed in a corrugated pattern, for the efficient heat transfer. The connections for heating medium like hot water or steam and cooling medium such as glycol, ice water and brine water are provided. The surface of the PHE is sealed with a Gaskets around the plate corners for preventing from leakage and internal mixing. The flow patterns are cross-flow or parallel flow depending on the product. The most important things we consider while designing the heat exchanger is, that we ensure product with efficient heat transfer as well as output with high quality result by giving desired texture and flavor.


Capacity range 100 LPH – 40,000 LPH
Material of construction 304 L / 316 L /Titanium