Automated Product Packaging

As the modern technology, has evolved, so as the automation has come into the world where the human involvement is reduced and controlling is taken over by automation. When it comes to food industry, hygiene is the most important part to be considered. The increasing in the market demand, the production has become more complex in controlling the plant from the raw material till the packaging and distribution of the final products.
Milktek India has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in the food processing industry. We have been involved in numerous consumable product processes starting from raw materials, through processing , and on into packaging and shipping. We have developed custom control solutions for projects as simple as a dairy homogenizer to the total plant control of a 200 ton per day, bagged ice production facility. Weighing systems, mixing systems, process temperature control, process pressure control and level control are all involved in a complete system. We can help you navigate through the confusion of tying all of the components / automation systems together and making them work efficiently and productively.